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Bill Pay

This information is designed to aid you in paying your bill beyond returning the invoice by mail to the insurance company or dropping it off at our office.

Pay Plan Change

If you need to change your pay plan to one of the many convenient plans offered by each company, please contact us by phone at (724)735-2004 or via the Contact Us page on this website. We will be happy to discuss the options available to you.

Date Due

Please take note of the day payment is being requested. Especially if there is a cancellation notice for the policy, the lapse generally occurs at 12:01am, so payment would have to be received one day prior to avoid cancellation.

Also note the companies have begun tightening their grace period, often to as little as 3 days past the due date. If your payment is not received promptly, late fees will be assessed.

Please note that each company may charge a fee for the various services listed below. Please be sure you are aware of the amount of the fee before you proceed with your payment.

* Accepts Payments from Credit Cards
+ Accepts Payments from Debit Card
^ Accepts Payments from Bank Account