Life insurance policies
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Life Insurance

We have a variety of life insurance policies along with health insurance, long term care plans, and annuities.

We can explain the benefits of each type of policy and tailor a policy or policies to fit your needs.Listed below is some information on different types of policies that may be of some benefit to you.


Policy Types

Term Insurance
Considered temporary insurance as protection is provided for only a specific time period. No cash values accumulate and generally the policy expires at the end of the specified time period. Term insurance can be used to cover an auto loan or a mortgage. It can be used to provide an immediate estate during the child rearing years.

Permanent Insurance
Forms of traditional life insurance, sometimes called ordinary life. Usually a basic policy can serve as the foundation of your life insurance program because it provides guaranteed coverage which will not decrease or run outLarry with Client as the years go by, and guaranteed cash values that can provide a ready cash reserve. In recent years, permanent life insurance has become a great investment vehicle, as most permanent policies are paying a substantially higher interest rate than most other investments.

Universal Life
A modern concept designed to take advantage of the best features of both term and traditional policies, Universal life will provide a combination of life insurance protection and a savings fund which is credited with a current rate of interest.

Often referred to as the opposite of life insurance because they are designed to make funds available while the purchaser lives. With an annuity you pay premiums, in a lump sum or installments, expecting to collect the benefits for yourself An annuity offers:

  • A competitive investment yield
  • Tax deferment of interest earnings
  • A guaranteed life-time Income

Annuities can also be used in retirement programs such as an IRA, SEP, KEOGH, or a TSA.

Long Term Care Plans
Usually pays a daily benefit when a person needs to be in a covered nursing home. Some policies will also include coverage for home health care and/or adult day care.

Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plans
These plans comprised Parts C & D of the Medicare program. They function in a similar manner to health insurance and help to reduce the direct cost to you for items covered under Medicare Parts A & B.

We will be glad to provide you with a proposal for any of the above policies.